Marisa Dzintars

Actor | Writer | Creative

Recent projects include a principal roles in the sex trafficking thriller Beyond the Neon and rom-com Love at First Spite.

After graduating from AMDA, she trained at Groundlings, UCB, Scott Sedita Acting Studios and regularly performs and writes for the Deadline Junkies community. ​

Marisa currently resides in Los Angeles where she works full-time on her creative pursuits.

When Marisa isn't on set or on a Zoom call, she's probably coddling a houseplant, exploring the world, or eating cheese.

Deadline Marisa Dzintars
Deadline Marisa Dzintars

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Q + A

What are you currently working on?

MARISA: 2022 was intense juggling three features - Love at First Spite finished shooting at the end of July and is officially in post-prod. NIX (which I produced on) released in September, followed by Beyond the Neon in October.

This year I have been working out my acting muscles - workshops, classes, brushing up assorted skills. For writing, I'm starting to pitch some scripts and developing some new ideas! I'm never bored.

What's your favorite genre to work in?

I used to only want to do comedy, but personal tragedy sparked a need for emotional roles. I decided I want to try every genre (maybe twice?)

What are your favorite characters to play?

I like a messy, sarcastic character. They have the best secrets.

What would some dream jobs be?

I desperately want to play a cowgirl. I swear I'm not your typical "horse girl" but something about the idea lights me up inside.

I'm very interested in the future of media and new ways of storytelling (VR? Immersive choose-your-own?)

Thoughts for 2023?

My mantra this year is "Only More" - More water, more creating, more laughs, more adventure… lets do it!​​​

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Christine Tarallo, Now Talent Group
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