Marisa Dzintars

Actor | Writer | Creative

Hard-working and charismatic, Marisa is a playful actress who always "seems to have something in the pipeline."

Recent projects include a principal roles in the sex trafficking thriller Beyond the Neon and rom-com Love at First Spite. You might have seen her in a viral performance of Carol Baskin!

After graduating from AMDA, she trained at Groundlings, UCB, Scott Sedita Acting Studios and regularly performs and writes for the Deadline Junkies community. ​

Marisa currently resides in Los Angeles where she works full-time on her creative pursuits, often working art department on some shoot or another.

When Marisa isn't on set or on a Zoom call, she's probably coddling a houseplant, painting a watercolor, or eating cheese.

Updates & Press

- Deadline announces Gravitas Ventures acquisition of Beyond the Neon.

- Psychological Horror Film NIX, directed by Anthony C. Ferrante, to be released September 27

- Phantasma collaborates with Magnum Opus Pictures on first ever movie to launch charitable NFTs, Beyond the Neon

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Demo Reels

Comedy Speed Reel 01:14

Dramatic Speed Reel 01:06


Marisa Dzintars in a black hat, black dress, in front of a local salon

Q + A

What are you currently working on?

This summer has been intense juggling three features - NIX (which I produced on) is released in September, followed by Beyond the Neon in October. Love at First Spite finished shooting and is officially in post-prod.

With some of that clearing off my plate, I'm digging into some acting work- trying new techniques, refreshing my skillsets, etc. I'm also diving back into some scripts I've had cooking for a while.

What's your favorite genre to work on?

MARISA: I used to only want to do comedy, but personal tragedy has sparked a need for emotional roles. I want to try all the things!

What are your favorite characters to play?

I like a messy, sarcastic character. They have the best secrets.

What would some dream jobs be?

I'm very interested in the future of media and new ways of storytelling (VR? Choose-your-own-adventure?)

Who would you love to work with?

Paul Feig, Mindy Kaling, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Snoop Dogg.

Thoughts for 2022?

My mantra this year is "Only More" - More water, more creating, more laughs, more adventure… lets do it!​​​

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Terrece Lynn, The Wayne Agency
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Talent Agent - Commercial
Christine Tarallo, BBA Talent
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